Sex Ed. Sundays

Similar to our Healthy Foods Friday our Sex Ed. Sundays will be posts talking about, you guessed it,….. SEX. As a health and physical education teacher I feel that sex education is an extremely important topic to cover with my students. Not only do I feel that sex education is important for my students but I believe it is very important for parents as well. I believe that parents should know what their children want to know and are asking about.

These Sex Ed. Sunday posts will cover a number of topics including puberty, STI’s, Pregnancy, protection use, and answering any questions that you as my readers may have.

I hope you’re ready everyone…..Let’s talk about sex!


FYI: I am not a doctor, I am not an OBGYN, I am not a physician, or anything else along the lines to give medical advice but I am a health and physical education teacher, mother, and wife who is passionate about educating and sharing the experiences and knowledge I have with all of you!