Health and Phys. Ed. Class

Health & Phys. Ed. Class posts are all about teaching health and physical education to children K-12 grade. As you may know by now I LOVE teaching and sharing/collaborating with other HPE teachers so I thought what better way to share what I have done than through blogging. 

I plan to share different health lessons, activities, and ideas that I have used as well as physical education lessons, activities, and ideas. I would love feed back from you as the reader with your thoughts, lessons, activities, and ideas that you have used in your classroom as a teacher, would like to do as a student, or would like to see as a parent.

Your voice, as the reader of my blog, is extremely important to me! I want to hear from you and collaborate with you to help make health and physical education AMAZING throughout all schools!!! We do it for the children!!!


FYI: I am not a nutritionist, I am not a physician, I am not a dietitian, or anything else along the lines to give medical advice but I am a health and physical education teacher, mother, and wife who is passionate about educating and sharing the experiences and knowledge I have with all of you!