Healthy Food Friday!…..Toasted Gnocchi With Veggies and Parmesan-Herb Salmon

Happy Healthy Foods Friday!!! So again as you know… I LOVE my salmon!!! So I did another delicious salmon recipe, Parmesan-herb oven-baked salmon!!! It is another one of my go to’s that dinner guests will rave about! Now don’t forget all of the health benefits of salmon that we talked about in a previous post!

In today’s post we are going to talk about the health benefits of Gnocchi! Gnocchi itself is usually made from potatoes which is a starchy vegetable. I know what you are thinking….”Aren’t starchy veggies bad for you?” No if you eat them in moderation and paired with leafy green veggies! Potatoes are actually a great source of potassium, complex carbs, vitamins C and B-6, and other minerals. I also chose to add some zucchini and squash (remember we talked about their health benefits too) with the mushrooms and gnocchi.

This was my first time making gnocchi and I think it turned pretty well! I loved the flavor of this Toasted Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Basil, and Parmesan recipe! I highly recommend it but don’t be afraid to doctor it up a bit like I did with other veggies and herbs!

I hope you enjoy this dish!!! Please comment with your thoughts and what changes you may have made to make it better!

Until next time stay healthy!!!