Let’s Talk About Sex!!

In today’s adventure we are going to talk all about sex! I know…. this is a subject that is kind of taboo for some people and I’m definitely not an expert in this area but this is a topic I LOVE to educate others on both adults and students. So I hope you are ready to take this trip down sex education lane with me.


First off what is sexual intercourse? Well, sexual intercourse by definition is the penetration of an erect penis into the vagina ultimately generating an orgasm and ejaculation of semen.

In today’s world sex can be many different acts, such as, the use of sex toys, masturbation (done by yourself), oral sex (mouth to penis or vagina), anal sex (penis inserts into anus), vaginal sex, fingering, or a hand job. All of these ways are considered sex.

Now why is it that we feel we “shouldn’t talk about sex” in 2017? I know a lot still has to do with embarrassment, religious beliefs, family morals, not knowing what to say, not knowing how to answer questions and not being sure at what age is appropriate.


Personally, I feel that around 8 years old children should start to learn about and understand their bodies. We should feel comfortable enough to explain how their bodies work and what changes will start happening fairly soon. Now a days kids are starting to go through puberty at much younger ages and they need to understand what is happening to their bodies so it is not a surprise. The best place to start is with the basics.

Stay tuned to next Sex Ed Sunday when we discuss puberty and begin answering some questions I have received! Until then stay safe and healthy!