It’s All About The Nutrition! Not… It’s About The Money.

So I just recently was introduced to a new documentary that really opened my eyes to the deceit and corruption that is occurring all around us in regards to nutrition and the whole food industry. So on the next few adventures we are going to explore this documentary called “What The Health”.

First we are going to start with what we have been taught to eat all our lives which is a balanced diet of the five main food groups dairy, protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains. The USDA has posted a new dietary guideline about every five years. The next guideline will be published in 2025.

That being said these guidelines tell us that we need to eat some of every category. However according to this documentary it seems as though not EVERY category is needed in our diet. I highly recommend you to watch it all and comment with what your personal thoughts are. Tune in next time to dig deeper into this topic!