Healthy Foods Friday….Mmm Grilled Salmon

Ok everyone, this is the first post for Healthy Foods Friday! I am super excited to share this awesome healthy Grilled Salmon recipe with all of you. I just made it today for our Father’s Day cookout and everyone LOVED it!!! (I did substitute lemon with lime and it tasted great! I would also recommend marinating it longer than 1 hour.) We paired it with roasted brussel sprouts, corn, and seasoned quinoa! Yuuummm!!!
I would also like to talk a little bit about salmon and the health benefits that we receive from eating salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are a healthy fat that we need in our diet to keep healthy. These fatty acids can be found in salmon which help our bodies become healthier in the following ways….

  1. Lowers bad cholesterol
  2. Increases good cholesterol
  3. Decreases blood pressure
  4. Slows buildup of plaque in arteries
  5. Builds brain cells

How can you beat these health benefits? It’s a no brainer! Some other types of fish that are rich in these important omega-3s are…

  • Mackerel
  • Albacore tuna
  • Trout
  • Sardines

Please let me know what you thought of this AMAZING recipe!! Stay tuned for next Fridays healthy food recipe pick. I hope you all enjoy and stay healthy!