Internet Safety

Social media addiction?? So our next discovery is going to take us into the depths of the internet. Here is where we will explore the good and the bad as well as how to protect yourself! All right lets get going!

So we as a society LOVE the internet and social media! It’s something that we just can’t get enough of but with all this connectivity comes personal responsibility of your proper usage. You may start to ask the questions… Is this site safe? Why are they asking for my address? What would they need my social security number for? Why are they asking me to meet up? Should I trust this person?

Well those are all really good questions that may or may not have good answers to. There are people on the internet who are just not good people. They wish to hurt or deceive both younger and older people. These people are the reason you have to be a responsible internet user. Ask those questions, find the answers, and talk to an adult you trust about what to do in an uncomfortable situation.

Now there are certain sites that do need your address for shipping or purchasing an item. There are government sites like the IRS website that would need your social security number to access information. However you should ALWAYS talk with a parent or guardian before entering your personal information on any website.

I have attached a link to a great site for some internet safety rules that I believe would be helpful for anyone using the internet. This is not something trying to tell you what to do rather it is something trying to help you from becoming a victim of fraud or something even worse like sex trafficking. We all love to think…”Oh it can’t/wont happen to me.” I know I’ve said/thought that a time or two but guess what…. It CAN happen to ANYONE!!!! Take the proactive steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers that are lurking in the internet. Don’t be Naive if something doesn’t feel right it’s better to Leave!

Helpful Internet Safety Rules

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