My name is Lisa and I am a loving mother, wife, sister, aunt to be, best friend, and daughter/granddaughter. I am a part of a huge family who are all very important to me but my little family of 3 are the most important of all!!!

One of my passions is educating others on the many topics of health and wellness. My goal with this blog is to help answer any questions you as my reader may have in regards to a variety of health and wellness topics. I also hope to break the barrier that can be present between parents and their children on some uncomfortable health topics such as sex, puberty, and relationships. Healthy cooking and eating are also very important topics which I will cover throughout this blog!

I absolutely LOVE teaching health and physical education and hope that I can reach numerous people throughout the world to try to make even the littlest of differences. So please join me on the many adventures to come through my health and wellness blog. I hope you have a happy healthy day!


FYI: I am not a nutritionist, I am not a doctor, I am not a dietitian, I am not a physician, or anything else along the lines to give medical advice but I am a health and physical education teacher, mother, and wife who is passionate about educating and sharing the experiences and knowledge I have with all of you!

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Not The P Word……PUBERTY!!!

Happy Sex Ed Sunday all! I know I missed a week and I’m so sorry about that but today we are going to talk all about that dreaded topic of PUBERTY!!! I know you can’t wait 😉 I know, I know…you’re all thinking OMG 😲 not this, ugh…I understand it’s not a comfortable topic for most … Continue reading Not The P Word……PUBERTY!!!

Healthy Food Friday!…..Toasted Gnocchi With Veggies and Parmesan-Herb Salmon

Happy Healthy Foods Friday!!! So again as you know… I LOVE my salmon!!! So I did another delicious salmon recipe, Parmesan-herb oven-baked salmon!!! It is another one of my go to’s that dinner guests will rave about! Now don’t forget all of the health benefits of salmon that we talked about in a previous post! … Continue reading Healthy Food Friday!…..Toasted Gnocchi With Veggies and Parmesan-Herb Salmon

Healthy Food Friday…..Veggie Taco Bowl!!! Mmmm soo good!

This Healthy Food Friday I’ve decided to change it up from my favorite salmon dishes!!! I found this awesome Veggie Taco Bowl on Pinterest of course. I am addicted to Pinterest!!! There are soooo many delicious recipes there that I get to share with you all! Any way, we are going to talk about the … Continue reading Healthy Food Friday…..Veggie Taco Bowl!!! Mmmm soo good!

Narcowhat?….. It’s Narcotics

In the first post introducing our drug topic you learned about the different schedules and categories that each drug is broken down into. So in this post we are going to explore all that is Narcotics! For starters narcotics is also known as opioids. There are many different drugs that fall under this category such … Continue reading Narcowhat?….. It’s Narcotics

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