Healthy Food Friday…..Veggie Taco Bowl!!! Mmmm soo good!

This Healthy Food Friday I've decided to change it up from my favorite salmon dishes!!! I found this awesome Veggie Taco Bowl on Pinterest of course. I am addicted to Pinterest!!! There are soooo many delicious recipes there that I get to share with you all! Any way, we are going to talk about the … Continue reading Healthy Food Friday…..Veggie Taco Bowl!!! Mmmm soo good!

Narcowhat?….. It’s Narcotics

In the first post introducing our drug topic you learned about the different schedules and categories that each drug is broken down into. So in this post we are going to explore all that is Narcotics! For starters narcotics is also known as opioids. There are many different drugs that fall under this category such … Continue reading Narcowhat?….. It’s Narcotics

Let’s Talk About Sex!!

In today's adventure we are going to talk all about sex! I know.... this is a subject that is kind of taboo for some people and I'm definitely not an expert in this area but this is a topic I LOVE to educate others on both adults and students. So I hope you are ready to … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex!!

It’s All About The Nutrition! Not… It’s About The Money.

So I just recently was introduced to a new documentary that really opened my eyes to the deceit and corruption that is occurring all around us in regards to nutrition and the whole food industry. So on the next few adventures we are going to explore this documentary called "What The Health". First we are … Continue reading It’s All About The Nutrition! Not… It’s About The Money.

Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs…

Today's adventure is going to begin our exploration of the deep topic of drugs and addiction. This particular topic can be very difficult for some usually due to personal experiences. I want nothing more than you help educate you on the many types of drugs and they're effects on the body over the next few … Continue reading Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs…

Sex Trafficking…Protection & Prevention

Our last two adventures have covered Sex Trafficking...What's That? and Sex Trafficking...How Does It Happen?. As promised again we will finish with our last adventure down this horrible path of Sex Trafficking with prevention and protection. This post is going to cover ways to protect ourselves and prevent ourselves from ever being sucked into the … Continue reading Sex Trafficking…Protection & Prevention

Sex Trafficking…How Does It Happen?

So as promised in our last post about Sex Trafficking...What's That we are continuing on our journey exploring the horrible act of sex trafficking and learning how this could ever happen to someone like you and me. For starters, Human Trafficking or Sex Trafficking does not discriminate against anyone. It doesn't matter your age, race, gender, religion, … Continue reading Sex Trafficking…How Does It Happen?

Sex Trafficking…what’s that?

So in our last adventure, Internet Safety, we talked about harmful things people can and do use the internet for. One of those things was Sex Trafficking. So the next few adventures are going to take us to a place that can be scary but on our trips we are going to learn about what it … Continue reading Sex Trafficking…what’s that?