Internet Safety

Social media addiction?? So our next discovery is going to take us into the¬†depths of the internet. Here is where we will explore the good and the bad as well as how to protect yourself! All right lets get going! So we as a society LOVE the internet and social media! It's something that we … Continue reading Internet Safety

Social media addiction???

So I have been contemplating where I wanted to take you on our first health and wellness adventure. Well it hit me when I was checking my Facebook. I found this video and article on the addiction of social media/technology and I though "Yep jackpot!" So off we go...... We always talk about drug, tobacco, … Continue reading Social media addiction???


I believe that Life is an adventure for which you can take many different paths both good and bad. A healthy life however is one of the greatest adventures you could ever experience! Through this blog I am going to take you on countless excursions¬†exploring the ins and outs of living that healthy life. Health … Continue reading Welcome!!!